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The Broken Bit Story

When I was a young boy my dad and I took an adventurous horse-packing trip through the Sequoia National Park. Not knowing very much about horse-packing or the trip in general, it was a little scary, but sounded like quite the adventure as well. The back country ranger told us about a beautiful meadow with scenic views of the Sierra mountain tops. However, this trail would be a steep and narrow 5 hour ride up the mountain side. My father and I decided to go in search for this meadow and we found it! The ranger was right, that place was surely beautiful.

When we arrived, I noticed the side of my horse’s mouth was bleeding. We attempted to bend the bit so that it wouldn’t rub and snap! I was nervous taking on the rest of this trip with the chance my horse’s bit could break and I would lose control. That evening my father bent a metal knife in half and attached it to the bit with a little tape and wire. Then he wrapped a piece of stretch wet leather and let’er dry by the fire. When it dried, the bit was remarkable strong and held the entire way home.

I kept that bit on the mantle all these years and when it came time to name this restaurant, the “Broken Bit” couldn’t have been more perfect. A symbol of adventure, faith, and friendship between father and son.

In memory of you, dad.

- Mike Burroughs